React JS Development Services

Need React development services? No problem. Take a look at how our experienced software engineers can upscale your business.

Looking to get your web development off on the right foot, but feel overwhelmed by the number of frameworks available? Here is why React is one of the best choices you can consider for your web app development.

What is React JS?

React is a flexible JavaScript library for creating responsive and engaging user interfaces. As one of the best front-end tools, it has an architecture based on components, which means our software engineers can reuse code and create component libraries. This saves a considerable amount of time and money on your web development.

“Write once. Use anywhere.”
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React Web Development

Our incredible senior engineers, who have been working with React since 2013, can help you to create reusable, scalable and fully functional web apps.

As early adopters of React, our web developers have already created a variety of reusable React components and full-scale web applications. IT Club provides the following services using our best in-house resources:

Web app development with React

Based on our experience, React is the best way to quickly create large web applications using JavaScript. React allows our web developers to create interactive UIs, easily update components, and develop new features without rewriting your existing code. As for SEO, it can be effectively handled through server-side rendering. Moreover, React has behind it an active and fast-growing worldwide community, which, in turn, allows developing great frontends even faster.

Progressive Web Apps

React is designed to focus exclusively on applying business logic, providing high scalability and high-speed efficiency to save money and time. These features allow our web developers to adopt modern technology and create Progressive Web Apps.

SPA development

Our web developers use React at least for two reasons when developing single-page applications (SPAs). Firstly, due to its virtual representation of the DOM, React guarantees perfect efficiency. When a user interacts with an app, the operations are run against the virtual DOM and then rendered on the visible page. Secondly, its server-side rendering supports using Next.js, which, in turn, is used for static websites as well as a desktop and mobile app, the enterprise, SEO-friendly websites, PWAs, etc.

Migration to React

Our software engineers ensure a smooth migration from any JavaScript platform to React. Unlike other frameworks, React combines flexibility, the ability to pass rich data through an app, and a powerful composition model, all in one package. It doesn’t need a lot of extra tools. Besides that, our developers don’t need to investigate the rest of your technology stack and rewrite your existing code. React allows our web developers to avoid this, saving your resources.

Ongoing support

Looking for a team to upgrade your React application? Or need extensive and affordable maintenance and support? In either case, you can count on our web developers with upgrades, ongoing product support, and the implementation of new features. All the clients who have built React apps with IT Club continue to receive support services.

  • Custom React software development
  • Development of flexible MVP apps using React
  • Evolution of an existing React app from MVP to enterprise-ready products
  • Design of a clear and transparent React structure using the best practices
  • Maintenance and refactoring of current apps to enhance readability
  • Design of scalable data flow and state management with data normalisation using Redux or Mobx libraries
  • A deep dive into the existing codebase of your React app to discover bottlenecks and suggest possible optimisations .

Our web developers use React.js to create business web apps and high-security, consumer-facing web projects.

React development expertise you get working with us

Our team has experience in developing start-up projects where timing is critical. Furthermore, our software engineers have been working on business-level applications, where it is essential to focus on scalability, safety, stability, optimisation, efficiency and the reduction of technical debt.

To deliver high-quality products, our web developers follow all the best practices that include code review, test-driven development, ongoing integration, and automated testing.

See what you’re getting when working with us:

Fast development and clean code

With its powerful composition model, React enables our web developers to reuse code in applications, as well as to create and assemble new, diverse and reusable components for further development. Therefore, this strategy reduces the time required for software development, making the release of your web application faster and less costly.

Custom React libraries and UI components

React allows making the most out of its component-based structure and reusing components where possible. Our software engineers create React libraries and UI parts (buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, libraries, etc.) for faster development and easier codebase maintenance.

The tech stack

Unsure of which technology would be best for your frontend or backend side? Our web developers can assist you in making the right choice for your project.

High-quality React team

This is your chance to get benefited from top talents that combine tech know-how and creative minds. Only middle and senior-level engineers will work on your application, and they are ready to share their knowledge with you on your React project. Our web developers can also provide you with some essential aspects to consider when selecting a framework for your app.

Is React not a perfect match for your project? Check out other services that IT Club has to offer. Our software engineers deliver high-quality web development on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is React backend or frontend?

React is a front-end library which works in the browser. React renders on a server using Node, and powers mobile apps using React Native.

Why use React js?

There are many reasons to use React.js. Firstly, React allows creating reusable UI components. With React, web developers can create large web applications which can change data without reloading the page. Due to its virtual representation of the DOM, React also guarantees perfect efficiency. Lastly, React offers server-side rendering by using Next.js.

Why is React JS faster?

React uses Virtual DOM that makes the app faster. Virtual DOM allows ReactJS to detect changes in the data and know exactly when to re-render or when to ignore specific parts of the DOM. A UI that works quickly is important in enhancing the overall user experience.

What is React used for in web development?

ReactJS is used for building user interfaces, specifically for single-page applications (SPA).

Is there an alternative to React?

Yes, there are many alternatives to React. The most popular are Vue.js, AngularJS, Ember, Svelte, and Preact.

How does React js work?

React effectively reconstructs a DOM tree in JavaScript, allows efficient diff computations on the nodes, and pushes only those changes to the real DOM which have actually occurred. React allows using the JSX syntax to write concise HTML/XML-like structures in the same file as you write JavaScript code.

Is React js a framework?

No, it's a JavaScript library which is responsible only for a view composition. This means that you need to use other libraries to make network requests, manage an application state, routing, etc.

What to use for state management with React?

The most popular state management libraries are Redux and MobX. Recently, Facebook released an experimental library, Recoil, which builds on React primitives and gives benefits such as small size, compatibility with concurrent mode and combining on React's batching.

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