Web development of a video maker app

Media Platform

A custom-built video maker app to record and merge video in the browser with Vue.js, React, Laravel, AWS Lambda.
Vue.js, React, Laravel
Web development of a video maker app

Video recording web app development

Memwah is an award-winning video recording web application to record videos in the browser, invite people to contribute, gather video recordings and merge those into fantastic video stories that can be shared or downloaded.

Memwah is an online video recording app that makes recording video stories and group tribute videos easy. It's an Australian female-led startup born during the Melbourne lockdowns between 2020 and 2021. This challenging time happened to be the catalyst to create something meaningful to bring people together and help them pass their memories from older to future generations.

This video recording web app allows users to easily create personalised stories, record videos in the browser, merge selected video recordings into a compiled video story and share that complete video message with a broader audience of colleagues, friends and families.

memwah.com.au - UI/UX design, web development & infrustructure

Web development services for a video recording platform

This video recording website caters to older demographics. Hence, our team of talented UI/UX designers, front-end and back-end developers did a great job making it intuitive, easy to use, fast and performant.

Memwah has become one of the pioneers in Australia who decided to utilise modern browser capabilities and provide its users with a completely new experience.

Nowadays, many modern browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari v14.1 and older) can access video and audio input from the user and allow users to record videos in the browser using JavaScript. It, however, depends on the browser's capabilities, meaning that such an experience could be fully dynamic and inlined or could be delegated to another application on the user's device.

Below are the Web Vitals metrics for the website showcasing quality user experience. As of today, the Web Vitals metrics focus on three critical aspects of the user experience:

  • loading and performance,
  • interactivity, and
  • visual stability to avoid layout shifts.

memwah.com.au - Web Vitals metrics

Our team of experienced project managers, UI/UX designers, and full-stack developers enjoyed helping our client build this unique web app, giving people from Australia and worldwide the opportunity to record their videos in the browser and share those special video messages with their loved ones.

The project scope included:

  • Web app architecture and infrustructure;
  • Intuitive UI/UX design and user flows for the media platform;
  • Front-end development to meet modern rigid requirements on the web;
  • Back-end development to make a secure and performant web application while processing large videos in the cloud;
  • Various integrations with third-party services such as Stripe, Remotion, Mailchimp and log-in with social media;
  • Video compilation and video production using server-side rendering;
  • Design and development of user roles and permissions;
  • AWS Lambda serverless application;
  • Transactional emails;
  • SEO optimisation;
  • Project management.

memwah.com.au - A compiled video story

Tech stack to build a video maker web app

Our team's challenge was to build a fast, performant and user-friendly web application that can concurrently process a large volume of videos in the cloud at a relatively low cost for the startup company.

Since we were dealing with weighty video files and their large volumes, the critical point was to avoid any adverse impact on the app performance and user experience.

As our task was to develop the project’s MVP, it was critical to consider the web app’s scalability and excellent performance inlined with the best modern practices. That’s why our software engineers decided to build a Vue and Laravel project, as this tech stack and server-side rendering allow us to build scalable web apps and speed up the web development process.

Memwah is a great Vue and Laravel 8 web app example that our team is proud to have in our portfolio.

The video processing, video compilation, and video production are performed by the AWS cloud infrastructure and AWS Lambda serverless architecture by using Laravel Vapor as a deployment tool, allowing the fastest and most seamless performance possible.

Interestingly, Memwah is an excellent example of how AWS Lambda serverless infrastructure can process significant volumes of data concurrently without affecting the website performance and user experience.

If you have questions about how we achieved great results with AWS Lambda, whether serverless is a good fit for your project, or if you’re looking for an AWS Lambda development company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our talented AWS engineers would be happy to help you choose the right cost-effective tech stack for your project.

For the programmatic video production, our web developers were looking for a scalable rendering engine, which has to be compatible with any platform, has adequate rendering time and allows us to process multiple videos at the same time. They came across Remotion (React), which perfectly suited Memwah's needs while allowing a straightforward integration.

The tech stack below allowed our team to develop the project’s MVP faster, while significantly reducing the startup company's infrastructure costs and ongoing expenses.



  • Laravel (Laravel 8), a robust PHP framework to speed up the web development of the project’s MVP and for faster loading and necessary security levels.
  • Livewire, a full-stack framework for Laravel to build modern, reactive and dynamic interfaces.
  • VideoJS / RecordJS / FFMPG / Remotion / React to record, decode, process, transform, merge, compile and render videos.
  • Laravel Nova for CMS and Admin panel.

Cloud Servers / Serverless infrastructure:

  • Laravel Vapor (AWS Lambda) and other AWS services.


  • Payment gateway with Stripe;
  • Transactional emails with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES);
  • MailChimp for email marketing;
  • Google Sign-In, and
  • many others.

Video recording platform features

Some of the main features of this online video maker app include:

  • Fast-loading pages and a fast and performant web application.
  • A scalable application with Laravel and Vue.js to quickly develop new features as the project develops.
  • A fully-responsive web application with a clean and intuitive UI/UX design to provide an excellent user experience for desktop and mobile users.
  • Fast video processing in the cloud with a serverless infrastructure and AWS Lambda.
  • Video recording, decoding, processing, transformation and compilation allow users to record videos in various browsers and devices.
  • Custom controls (e.g. play button) for Video.js.
  • Programmatic video rendering and animation using server-side rendering with Remotion and React.
  • Video player and recorder in a browser.
  • Optional public URLs for a compiled video to view, share and download videos.
  • A CMS and Admin Panel with relevant reports and stats by using Laravel Nova.
  • Payment integrations using Stripe / Stripe Checkout, a prebuilt and hosted payment page that is optimised for conversion.
  • API development.
  • Transactional emails.
  • Users can use the web app to record videos in the browser on Mac, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, and the latest version of Safari.
  • A consistent SEO performance was achieved due to the excellent website speed, responsive design, mobile optimisation, structured metadata, meta attributes, HTTPS certificate, sitemap, etc.

memwah.com.au - SEO score at 100

The award-winning web app

Our team is thrilled and proud for Memwah, the best online video recording software, to be recognised with a Gold for Digital Innovation at the AusMumpreneur Vic Awards 2021. Yay 🎉

“I want to give a HUGE THANKS to Memwah's very talented Developers. Elena and Rus from IT Club are total champions. They have worked tirelessly to build this wonderful program. I'm so grateful for all the late nights, the thousand emails and keeping me grounded as I run off with all my ideas.”

- Tammie, the Founder of Memwah

memwah.com.au - an award-winning app for digital innovation

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