Front-end development for a Rewards Program


The first Australian rewards program which is run by GuildSuper and helps Australian families save more to their superannuation while they shop.
Front-end development for a Rewards Program

Front-end development for a Shop & Save Rewards Program

SuperSuper is a rewards program which is powered by GuildSuper, an Australian superannuation fund.

SuperSuper helps Australian families save more to their super while they shop.

This web application contains such features as:

  • Loyalty program
  • E-commerce for gift cards
  • Online offers from partners
  • Cashback promotions
  • Vouchers.

Our awesome front-end developers were excited to make our super contribution to build this fantastic rewards platform and bring our client's ideas to life by providing outstanding web development services that thousands of GuildSuper customers can enjoy.

What technologies have been used?

Our web developers used the Vue.js framework.

What main features have been developed?

Some main features that have been developed include:

  • Cart and Checkout
  • Payment integrations.

Guild Super SuperSuper Vue js web development

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